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Hordes Skorne Titan GladiatorWelcome to Bodmodels

Bodmodels is run by highly experienced miniature artist Martin Legg.Offering a personalised and customisable miniature painting service,with a prompt turnaround.

With over 25 Years of experience in painting models and figures,from the early days of Dungeons and Dragons to the latest from Privateer and Rackham,not forgetting of course Warhammer and 40,000.

Covering the whole range of gaming,from tabletop wargaming and role playing games, to Lord of the rings,from hobbits to dragons and large armies,Bodmodels will paint them all for you.Historic,Fantasy,World Wars or Sci-Fi,you name it,i have experience in painting it!

Models are hand coloured to the highest standards and are generally varnished with 2 coats of Humbrol matte cote varnish.Models are also based according to the desires of the customer.

I am proud of the quality of service that i offer,and have many satisfied customers,email me for a quote on that special mini,army or piece that never quite got painted!


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I Have been a very busy guy,lots of lovely minis have been sent out to all corners of the globe!

Many thanks to all the loyal and generous clients who have chosen me as their model painter,your support is always most appreciated!

I have recently undertaken a large amount of work for Wargames Foundry,some of my more recent models are showcased here ,i have also finished a project for UK Games manufacturer Toy Brokers.

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Skorne Molik Karn ,Skorne Cyclops Shaman


Eldar Ranger , Eisenhorn


Dark Elf Dreadlord , Skulltaker


The Dark Marshall , Rivendell Elrond , War Mumak of Harad

WARHAMMER 40 000.....

Abaddon , Asurmen , Soul Grinder


Mordor Troll with War Drums


Empire Bright Wizard ,High Elf Alith Anar ,High Elf Korhil ,Mannfred Von Carstein , Vlad Von Carstein

Winged Vampire Lord , Champion of Slaanesh , Mounted High Elf Prince , High Elf Caradryan



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